© 2022 BMD ONE All Rights Reserved
© 2022 BMD ONE
All Rights Reserved


Identity, naming, logos, brand books, merch and social media design.
The logo is the face of the company, and we are creative branding plastic surgeons.
Logo Designing - from $500
Official company document that describes the brand concept, brand attributes, company positioning and other data that the marketing department uses to build communication with customers and develop the company as a whole.
Brandbook Designing - from $5000
Company Decks
Branding Decks help to companies to build communication with customers and investors.
Deck Designing - from $3000
Design Guides
Guides help customers get to know a company or its product more efficiently and quickly.
Guide Designing - from $1000
Social Media Branding
Brand your social networks so that your customers recognize you, trust you and be loyal.
Social Media Branding - from $500
Product Branding
Product package, label, box design.
Product Branding - from $3000
Merch Branding
These are clothes, accessories, souvenirs and any other functional or simply beautiful things with brand symbols. A well-designed merch allows the brand to get additional income, a new target audience, and increase the loyalty of the team and customers.
Merch Branding - from $2000